Sound Comparison Blue Note King Record GXK normal Vs White Label Promo!

I always wanted to do this kind of sound comparison!

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Yes, now I have the same 2 copies of
Kenny Drew Undercurrent Blue Note GXK 8120 King Record
The difference is one is a normal copy and the other is a white label promo copy.
Do these 2 same serial copies sound different?

I used to think it should be the same since it is a reissue by King Record, not the original one in the US. But the result.....well, just listen to them by your own ears! Please leave any comment how you compared the two!

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  1. They sound the same to me: very clear and detailed. I should play both records on my system to make a better comparison.
    In the past white label promo copies were made before the normal issues to promote records on the radio and they are said to have a better sound as matrix and stampers are newer at the beginning of the press process. I made this comparison with 50’s and 60’s records (promo copy and normal issue of the same 7”) but never found big differences.

    1. Andrea, thanks for your comment!
      Maybe I had a preconception that white promo would be better…
      In anyway, the main thing is to enjoy the great music we have!

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