Sound Comparison John Coltrane Blue Train White Vinyl Premium vs King GXK!

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This time's sound comparison is also interesting.
John Coltrane Blue Train, King Record GXK vs EMI Music Japan Premium reissue in 2014
Well.. as for the GXK of King Record, most of you guys know about it, right? But for the EMI Music one is not known I believe.

3 points I think are really unique in this Premium reissue.

  1. They used high quality, white virgin vinyl, and 180g heavy one
  2. They used the metal master to press the vinyl
  3. The mastering was done in the US by a legendary engineer, Greg Calbi
As for the white vinyl, it looks beautiful and gorgeous. They were also claiming the sound is better than the ordinary vinyl.

As you know, the basic process of making vinyl, is like 

Master Tape ---> Lacquer ---> Metal Master ---> Metal Mother ---> Stamper ---> Pressing

But they cut the process of making metal mother and stamper.

Master Tape ---> Lacquer ---> Metal Master ---> Pressing

So, they pressed the vinyl using the original metal master. Theoretically, the sound should be better, closer to the original master tape.

But..there is one negative point...Greg used the digital process...he made a DSD file out of the master tape. By the way, they used the original STEREO master tape. From the DSD file, EMI Music in Japan converted the file to Analogue source cutting the Lacquer.

How does it sound? Does it sound digital?
Well, just listen the samples in the video above!

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