Sound Comparison Soul Trane John Coltrane!!

Welcome back again to the JBJ Audio Lab!

Yes, I did another sound comparison.

John Coltrane Soul Trane Premium Reissue by Universal Music Japan in 2009
I don't think many Jazz collectors know this reissue...

They used the original RVG master tape, and cutting, and pressing were done here in Japan. The pressing company they used is called Toyo Kasei. They are one of the 2 pressing companies in Japan (back then, they were the only company) and known for manufacturing really high quality pressings.

Actually the quality of the vinyl is just beautiful! And...the quality of the sleeve is also really great!

The sound?

I did compare it with another same title reissue by Victor Music Japan, SMJ series in the mid 80's.
Just listen to the audio samples and judge by yourself!

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