Story of Unissued Sessions of Sonny Clark Trio on Blue Note

Even though Sonny Clark was a great Jazz pianist, he had many sessions unissued on Blue Note. As you know, Alfred Lion was a very strict man and a kind of perfectionist and little things made him decide not to issue those sessions I guess...

King Record and Toshiba EMI did a great job to uncover those unissued sessions and release them to the public. Those of you who listened to those sessions, you must agree that they are just great wondering why these tracks were buried.

Let's talk about the Sonny Clark Trio sessions recorded in 1958. The original Trio album was released as BLP 1579 in the same year.

King Record compiled the unissued Trio sessions and released them as 
one of the Blue Note Unissued Master Series in 1979 for the 1st time in the world. The album was
Sonny Clark Blues In The Night GXF 3051
The following year in 1980, they reissued the same title as GXK Serial. I believe the 1st issue was sold very good that they deided to reissue it in 1980.
After the Blue Note license was transferred to Toshiba EMI, they reissued the same sessions as 
Sonny Clark Trio Vol.3 BNJ 61018
This album was released as one of the titles in The Other Side of BLP 1500 Series Toshiba EMI produced in the mid 80's. Although the tracks present in the King Record Blues In The Nght and Sonny Clark Trio Vol.3  Toshiba EMI are the same, 1 track is missing in the Toshiba EMI Sonny Clark Trio Vol.3. 

I Cover The Waterfront was there in Blues In The Night by King Record but not there in Sonny Clark Trio Vol.3 by Toshiba EMI. 
The reason? You never know...

Anyway, both are great albums and surely, pressing quality, sound quaity, sleeve quality are great!

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