The Best Blue Note Reissue in the history!?

I think this is one of the BEST BLUE NOTE REISSUES in the history.

EMI Music japan in conjunction with Disk Union Japan made these amazing Blue Note reissues in 2011 up to 2013.

At the time of release, many Jazz collectors rushed to buy them and in a short period of time, all copies were sold out.

There are many unique approach in these premium Blue Note reissues.
  • They restored the original deep groove and flat edge disk (if the original were DG and Flat Edge Disk) using an old pressing machine used for pressing those Blue Note vinyls in the 50's and 60's. So, the mastering, cutting and pressing were done in the US. They also used high quality 200g vinyl.
  • They used the original MONO/STEREO (the original source) tape.
  • They restored the original sleeve (using gakubuchi style - if the original was made in gakubuchi style).

Wow...the quality of the vinyl, sleeve, everything was just beautiful...outstanding really.
The sound?
It is really superb!

i really do recommend you to give it a shot whenever you find any copy on the market.

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