This Cannonball Somethin’ Else is one of the most underrated Blue Note reissues!

You know in the previous video, I compared the Paul Chambers Bass On Top, right?

There I chose the MONO version of Bass On Top in the early 90's reissues at the end, and...I said that sound is really superb. You remember?

Yep, this is the series I am talking about. Toshiba EMI at that time, they produced 1500 series mostly in MONO. And this -Somethin' Else- was their biggest featured title since it was the 1st MONO reissue in Japan.

And OBI of this title clearly states that 
The 1st time in the Blue Note reissue history in Japan, we used the ORIGINAL MONO MASTER TAPE!
That alone is a very special and valuable. But the main thing is that 
The Sound Quality is really good!
Same as Bass On Top, this mono version sounds really good!
Sarcastically, not many Jazz collectors outside of Japan know this fact!
Whenever you find one of these titles in this series, a MUST BUY!!

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