Underrated Art Pepper Album, Mucho Calor!

Most of the Jazz collectors don't give a dumb to this Art Pepper Album, the album is 
Mucho Calor by Art Pepper
Yes...not many collectors pick up this title, right?
But I LOVE IT VERY MUCH!! for some reasons,
  1. 1
    Latin touch is great! yes, I love Cuban music. Actually, I have a bunch of Cuban music collections! Pepper plays little subtle to match with the other instruments. But that approach is really good.
  2. 2
    Sexy jacket design! haha, as a man this sexy woman really attracts holding a mysterious umbrella!
  3. 3
    Vap reissue is premium and great! This particular reissue was done by a small company called, Vap Japan. They used heavy 180 high quality vinyl and MONO master. The other reissues of the same title here in Japan are all STEREO by Teichiku Japan. And the sound quality is really superb!
In case you have not listened to it, or no interest yet, I recommend you to give it a shot!

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