Underrated Japanese Jazz Label – Venus Records

Yes, I think not many Jazz collectors know about this Japanese Jazz label, Venus Records Japan.

The founder is called Mr. Tetsuo Hara who used to work at RCA, Victor Music Japan and some other major music companies as a producer. He founded his own Jazz label, Venus Records in 1992.

Since then, he has produced and reissued hundreds of titles in vinyl LPs and CDs. His way of creating a real quality sound grabbed the hearts of Jazz lovers in Japan and whenever and whatever he releases, all copies are sold out in short period of time.

But...outside of Japan, he is not known like Kevin Gray...
Some Jazz critics here in Japan call him,
Mr. Hara is Rudy Van Gelder of Japan.
He is that good, actually. He does selection of musicians, titles, and  recording (if it is a new session), mastering by himself.

One of the reasons he is not that known is (what I assume) that he doesn't reissue big labels like Blue Note, Prestige, Riverside and so on...he only reissues really minor titles and labels, like Jaro, J.R.Montersose The Message I picked up.

Even now, at his old age, he still actively releases new Jazz titles which I think is amazing. I really respect him for his energy and contribution.
Mr. Hara

Mr. Hara taken from an interview with Disk Union.

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