Underrated, not known Prestige Reissues by Victor Music Japan

I already talked about the history of Prestige reissues in Japan some time back.

But in there, I made a wrong statement about one of the series...sorry.
The series that Victor Music Japan was releasing, called,
PJ Series
Initially, I thought this "PJ Series" was released in the 80's here in Japan. Actually, the information about PJ series is really scarce but I found out that this PJ series was released in the early 70's not 80's.

In the 60's, Victor Music Japan was manufacturing the Prestige reissues with a different label called "Top Rank", and when it comes to the 70's, they started manufacturing the series called "SMJX".  Although I am not 100% sure, I think, the PJ series came after "SMJX" series...

That is the historical background of "PJ Series".

What I really wanted to share with you here is not only the historical background, but also the quality of PJ Series.
You know,...the vinyl quality of PJ series is 
Really good!
They used a heavy, high quality vinyl and the sound is really stable!
Originally, they used a red OBI but no insert is included. Very simple set.

To tell the truth, not many Jazz collectors know about the quality and historical background of this, PJ Series.

In case you find this series on the market, I recommend you to give it a shot. Since most of them don't know about the quality of this series, you can get it cheap.

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