Very MINOR but GREAT Jazz Reissues by Sawano Japan!


Yeah, that is the word I want to put when I listened to these 2 Jazz reissues, really.

I already talked about Mr. Yoshiaki Sawano. He was a heavy Jazz collector when he was young. - actually up to now, he is a heavy Jazz lover and collector!!
With his younger brother, in the late 60's to the early 70's, they collected almost all jazz albums (thousands of them) available in Japan and nothing more to buy!!

Sawano's family has run a Japanese slipper, shoes business for over 100 years in Osaka! Sawano spent almost all the money got from his business to buy Jazz records when he was young...his father was furious seeing his son doing that, but at the end, the father gave up and supported him starting jazz record business.

Sawano and his brother were the 1st Japanese introducing, and exporting Japanese jazz reissue albums like King Record Blue Note reissues and Prestige and Riverside reissues by Victor Music Japan to Europe. 

Anyway, he is really unique running his Slipper business and Jazz Record business at the same time.

OK, back to the conversation of 2 jazz reissues Sawano did,
Wilton "Bogey" Gaynair Blue Bogey on Tempo
Georges Arvanitas Soul Jazz on Columbia France
Sawano used the original master tape and mastering, cutting and pressing were done in Japan at Toyo Kasei for Blue Bogey.
Wow...I was blown away by the pressing quality, sleeve quaity, label design quality and further more, THE SOUND QUALITY!! really, really superb!!

Soul Jazz was pressed in France but the pressing quality and sound quality are superb too!! I believe the sleeve, label design and printing were done in Japan.

These are really MINOR albums for sure that not many jazz collectors know. But they are GREAT!!

Sawano restored the original Flipback sleeve, jacket design, the label design and color in every detail!!

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