Very RARE and Unique Reissue of Dorothy Ashby by WAVE Japan

Dorothy Ashby is a unique jazz musician pplaying harp. When I first listened to her album, it was a mixture of feelings. great and not good...but when I listen to it from time to time, I feel confortable.

This album,
Dorothy Ashby Hip Harp on Prestige
is a great album and her 1st leader album on Prestige. Victor Music Japan in the early 90's, reissued some of her albums as VIJJ Series. But not this Hip Harp. But it is funny that WAVE Japan picked up this album and reissued it as WWLJ Series in the early 90's.

WAVE Japan at that time, reissued many Prestige/New Jazz and Riverside/Jazzland titles as WWLJ Series. They used Fantasy US master and all titles were cut and pressed by Fantasy US ecept this Hip Harp...I don't know why...
This Hip Harp was cut and pressed at Toyo Kasei in Japan and distributed by WAVE Japan. It is also funny that although they used the original Prestige Yellow label design, they didn't put the fireworks design, just a plain yellow and black design... 
Maybe they did that due to the licensing issue...

In anyway, the pressing and sound quality of this Hip Harp reissue are really superb!

Great album and great reissue for you to obtain!

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