Vinyl MINT! Sleeve Stain Covered with Japanese Pressings Why?

I got a very interesting question from our member.

He asked me,
Why is it that most Japanese pressings vinyl Mint or NM and sleeve having a lot of stain??
He points out that there is a gap between the vinyl condition and sleeve condition with most of the Japanese pressings.

That is true...

As you are our JBJ clan, you know that the records, Japanese Jazz reissues I list are great in condition, I mean vinyl condition with MINT, or NM.


Sleeves...having a lot of stains...especially King Record Blue Note reissues. I tell you, the cause is 


Yap. Stains on the sleeves are mainly caused by molds growing on the surface of the paper. Japan is known as one of the most humid countries in the world especially during the summer time. Those stains are not the coffee or some kind of colored liquid spilled over on the sleeves.

Another funny phenomenon. 
You know the LNJ series, Blue Note reissues by Toshiba EMI in the mid 70's. Those sleeves are laminated (coated). And most of the sleeves present now have very few stain or just NM, immaculate.
Coated sleeves can not get molds easily.

That is one of the behind the scene stories of Japanese Jazz reissues/pressings!

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