Hi to all! I was dreaming to launch our own website apart from the eBay store site, aaa...nd, finally it is here!

This is my first post. I want to welcome all of our buyers from eBay and thank you for the support and trust on us! I will try harder to serve you guys. So, join our online community!

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  1. Hi Takashi,

    From Paris, Nathalie and me are wishing you the very best for you and your website. Strongly excited to see more from you about Jazz here…

  2. Hi Takashi,

    When we are about to bid, we fullfil the amount and then press the “Bid” Button.
    But in this case, we have no double check as in Ebay. On Ebay as you know, we apply for a bid, we see the bid and then we confirm the bid.

    Don’t you think it could limitate some error to do this way ?

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