What Happened to UA Blue Black Tone Label Blue Note!?

You maybe remember when I featured a peculiar Blue Note UA Blue Black Tone label copy, Kenny Burrell Midnight Blue BST 84123.

Yes, I did ask Andrew of a famous London Jazz Collector LJC, and he responded to me with his new article. But I forgot to put it on my blog/email, haha!

Let me just recap the previous case...
I had this copy Kenny Burrell Midnight Blue UA, Blue Black Tone label copy, but what is funny about this copy is that side 1 has no RVG stamp but hand etches serial, but side 2 has RVG stamp and mechanical serial stamp.

The sound quality on both sides is great. I was thinking, maybe both sides have the RVG master, stamper. But Andrew from LJC has something to say here in his blog post.

Just go in the middle of the article, where you can see - Collector'sCorner -
Anyway, it ended up with another mystery...but even if it is a mystery, it is always a fun digging that kind of history, right?
Here is Andrew's article.

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  1. Hi Takashi,
    I too find these anomalous occurrences in the dead-wax markings interesting though I usually focus my attention on Plastylite pressings. Unusual jacket stuff is interesting too.
    I spotted a dead-wax thing a few years ago with Sonny Rollins 1558 relating to RVG. This record as you know is usually RVG etched. I saw a Pastylite pressing that was RVG stamped. In fact I’ve seen two. The repress ID for each was DG-47Inc-47Inc-47 and DG-2-NY-NY-43r.
    I take this to mean that there was an updating of the master disc from which the stampers are then made thereby showing RVG stamped instead of the RVG etched. Of course the vast majority of Plastylite represses for this title would still have the RVG etched but there are at least two runs that don’t.
    Peter Lambert

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