What Is The Best Blue Note Reissue Series by Toshiba EMI?

Talking about Blue Note Reissues in Japan, in the late 60's, Toshiba EMI started importing Blue Note Liberty pressings with OBI, sometimes Sticker    and Japanese Inserts. They also reissued some EP Blue Note titles like Art Blakey Moanin' and Le Morgan The Sidewinder but not full albums.

In the early 70's, they started reissuing full albums with the series called NR Series. They mainly reissued BLP 1500 series at that time. Thereafter they reissued many titles with a popular LNJ series in the mid 70's.
After LNJ, the Blue Note license was transferred from Toshiba EMI to King Record.

You know the legendary series by King Record like, GXF, GXK, K18P, Blue Note Unissued Master Series and Premium Series. After that, the license was transferred back agin to Toshiba in the mid 80's.

At the time of getting back the Blue Note license, Toshiba was aware how popular those King Record Blue Note reissues were and they wanted to make a revenge (this is my assumption though...haha).
They started reissuing many titles like crazy with BNJ and BLP Series with Shrink and Round Stickers, sometimes with OBI in the mid 80's.
They also put a mini booklet type of gorgeous inserts.

Man, those BNJ and BLP Series are really good in terms of the pressing quality and sound quality.
Talking about the sound quality, popular LNJ series in the mid 70's and BNJ/BLP series in the mid 80's both sound great but the type of the sound is quite different. LNJ sounds great but the entire sound is moderate and not dynamic. But with BNJ/BLP in the mid 80's they really improved that weak point. I was told by some of my friends who are Jazz collectors that at the time Toshiba reissued LNJ series, the engineers involved were not Jazz lovers. So, they had skills but they didn't know how the Jazz sounds or rather, how RVG sounds.

I love LNJ with some titles like Somethin' Else and Out To Lunch, but overall, I prefer BJ/BLP series in the mid 80's.

What is your thought?

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