Which OBI do you like? Your Vote Requested

You know what?
Blue Note King Record reissue has its popularity because of the sound quality, right?
That is true, but moreover I think their reissues are popular because of their kind of unique OBI.
There are some types of OBI that King Record created from time to time. I know what I like the most. But I just wanted to do a "POLL" that you guys can vote which OBI you like the most.

Isn't it fun is it?
I chose three types of OBI by King Record. I excluded Unissued Master Series OBI and other Jazz Guitar and Vocal series OBI.
Can you please vote below which one you like the most?

Just choose one of the 3 types OBI and click the button "VOTE!"
See how the result would be...
[ays_poll id=3]

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  1. I think that green Obi, is just wonderful, but the ones I really like are the ones from the First Appearance in deep blue, from King late 70’s, early 80’s.

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