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We provide reliable service for all Jazz lovers. As we are Jazz collectors ourselves, we know exactly what you want and how we deliver your needs.

You will be assured...

We sell Jazz and Blues vinyl records (mainly used Jazz records) at our eBay store. We guarantee 100% customer's satisfaction as below!

Accurate Description

We check all selling vinyl records not only visual but sound (quite RARE in this industry!). Although the sound check is a spot check, we are able to give very accurate description.

Secure Packaging

International shipping is quite risky that your precious records might be damaged on the way. We use the heaviest carton and another supporting carton. Also we use the toughest A grade bubble wrap to protect the records.

Money Back Guarantee

We try every way possible to satisfy our customers. But...we are not perfect. Sometimes our customers are not satisfied for some reason. Even if that kind of problem happens, we always discuss the matter with customers. We are ready for compensation that the customers feel fair.

We get lots of feedbacks almost every day at our eBay store. ALL OF THEM (100%) are positive feedbacks! Just check some of them!

About the founder...

Although I am a seller of Jazz vinyl records, I always regard myself as a Jazz lover and collector like you guys.

I used to buy Jazz records online (still buying now!) but sometimes, or most of the times...I got frustrated. You know why?

What I thought NM condition turned out to be VG or worse. The description is not accurate!

Worse than that, those sellers refused to refund or do something about it! I really felt that it is unfair and I made a vow that when I start my business, I will do the opposite!

That is how I started this business, Jazzbluesjapan.

I must admit that I am not perfect, sometimes I can not satisfy the needs of our customers. But still, we always have a way to solve any kind of problem together.

That is my policy, and that is Jazzbluesjapan way of doing business.

- Takashi inohara


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