Kenny Burrell Midnight Blue LNJ Toshiba Reissue Sounds Great

Toshiba EMI reissued this Kenny Burrell Midnight Blue three times.
The 1st reissue was LNJ in the mid 70's, the sample I am talkin' here on the video. And that was the 1st reissue of Midnight Blue in Japan.

After LNJ, they reissued it again as BNJ series in the mid 80's. Thereafter in the early 90's, they reissued it again with BST series.
Among those reissues, I prefer LNJ. As you know, LNJ is known for great sound quality, pressing quality and the sleeve quality. I believe LNJ sounds great with quiet albums like Midnight Blue. Kenny Burrell's guitar sounds really great with LNJ.

Even to compare it to King Record GXK, I think this LNJ is as good as King sound.

I don't know why but nowadays Midnight Blue LNJ Series is really difficult to find. Even if you have another reissue, better for you to grab it in case you find it on the market.

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