Pacific Jazz Reissues with VIVID RED OBI! and RARE Pepper Adams Premium Reissue!

Nowadays, Blue Note reissue series like K18P by King Record are popular and many jazz collectors know about them, right?
Classic Black OBI is also great.


Not many jazz collectors outside of Japan know that King Record also reissued many Pacific Jazz titles in the mid 80's using the same K18P serial. These Pacific Jazz titles were reissued at the same era King Record reissued Blue Note titles with K18P serial.
These are some of the titles I got.
There is a couple of things I love about this series,
  • VIVID RED OBI is just fantastic and ATTRACTING
  • Pressing and sound quality are amazingly superb
Look at this OBI!!
Great right?
I think King Record has a great sense of using OBI really, with the legendary FAT WIDE BLUE OBI for Blue Note Reissues GXF and GXK, Popular Crocodile Green OBI for Blue Note, and Classic Black OBI for K18P Series of Blue Note.

Another great thing about this series is the quality of pressing and sound. Wow...just superb!!

What about this reissue?
This is my 1st time to obtain this reissue.
Pepper Adams Quintet on Mode Records Label
This is the 1st leader album of a young Pepper Adams in the 50's recorded on a small jazz label in the US called Mode.
VAP Japan a small label reissued this and I am sure, you have never heard about this label...
Actually, they reissued some jazz titles like this, Mode Records Jazz Collection series. They also reissued more jazz titles and some other categories in music in the 80's.

Teichiku Japan reissued the same titles but they didn't use the original label design. What I love Vap reissue is that they used the original label design.
They also used the high quality 180g heavy vinyl! plus, high quality thick paper for the sleeve! You surely feel the quality when you hold the sleeve and vinyl.

OBI is also and wide OBI.
Looking at the back of the sleeve, they dodn't put any Vap or their serial, looking like the original. That is why I call this reissue, Premium, you know...

Pressing and sound quality are amazingly superb too! I believe...Toyo Kasei cut and pressed this. case you don't know or have them, it is time for you to gig them!

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