Toshiba EMI Blue Note Reissue with Flat Edge Disk?

This is not a big deal but maybe interesting to you guys...

Among many Blue Note Reissue Series Toshiba EMI manufactured, there is a kind of interesting thing they did with BLP Series in the mid 80's.

What they did is that for the 1st pressing of that reissue BLP in the mid 80's, they used a little heavier vinyl, 150g (usual pressing is 120g) and Flat Edge Disk. They also claimed that this heavy vinyl and flat edge disk would create more stable solid sound. I don't know it is true...

But in anyway, these 1st pressings of BLP reissue are kind of RARE and hard for you to find on the market.
In addition, most of the sellers don't know this fact!!

Although this is trivial, I think it is better for you to have one or 2 copies of those whenever you find them.

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