I hate this label design but GREAT reissues

You know Nippon Columbia Japan reissued many Impulse titles in the 70's and the pressing quality, sleeve quality and sound quality are really great.


The label design is horrible...
They used the lime green ABC label and I hate that, really. In the 60's and early 70's, King Record SH and SR series used the original orange label or something similar to the rainbow label which I love. Toshiba EMI IMP series used the rainbow label design in the mid 70's which I love.

But Nippon Columbia used the horrible lime green label. Why? maybe licensing issue? You never know.
Apart from this label issue, everything else is great with Nippon Columbia Impulse reissues.
What is more distinct with Nippon Columbia Impulse reissues is that they reissued many titles! King Record and Toshiba EMI reissues are great but they didn't reissue many titles like Nippon Columbia did.

Despite of the horrible label design, I really recommend you to have these Nippon Columbia Impulse reissues.

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