New Discovery of Prestige Reissue VIJ Series by Victor Music Japan

Thanks to our JBJ member John who contributed this great info!

Going back to the history of Prestige reissues by Victor Music Japan, say starting from the 70's, PJ Series came in the early 70's. Then SMJ Series came in the mid 70's and VIJ Series in the 80's.

When Vitor Music Japan started reissuing Prestige titles with VIJ Series in the 80's, they were claiming that New Mastering and Cutting were done.
But we never knew what kind of master they used and who did it?
Here is a new discovery John informed me,

Fantasy US in the 80's started remastering all the Prestige titles. They let a legendary sound engineer, Phil De Lancie to do that. It took 10 years to remaster all titles! That timing of remastering by Phil De Lancie coincided with the release of VIJ Series by Victor. Most likely they used the Phil De Lancie master for VIJ.

I think John is right and it is very interesting!
Although I don't have any OJC title but whenever I get it, I will try to do the sound comparison between OJC and VIJ.

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