Amazing Premium Reissue of Sonny Rollins Saxophone Colossus by Universal Music Japan

I think this great premium reissue of Sonny Rollins Saxophone Colossus by Universal Music Japan is not known and underrated.

Universal Music Japan reissued this premium reissue in 2009 with the other great Jazz titles.
They used the RVG original MONO master and mastering, cutting and pressingwere all done here in Japan by Toyo Kasei Japan (which I like!).
I already talked about Toyo Kasei in the past that they have been making high quality vinyl records for some decades. Until 2018 sony Music Japan made a new pressing plant in Shizuoka, Toyo Kasei was the only pressing company in Japan. Toshiba EMI, King Record, Warner Pioneer and Victor Music all used this great Toyo Kasei to press their records in the 80's up to now.

The sound quality is amazingly superb!  In addition, the sleeve condition! you know...the olor of the front cover blue, subtle but really matters is also PERFECT, even the font colors, white, almost replica of the original!!
Wow...the Prestige yellow label is nothing but PERFECT!

Don't forget that they also used the heavy 200g high quality vinyl that they were claiming removing some elements to distrt the sound in the groove.

I do recommend you t get this copy since it is really hard to get it nowadays.

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