Underrated Album Jackie McLean Strange Blues Prestige

I think this album is really underrated.
Jackie McLean Strange Blues Prestige
The conccept of this album I think is very unique. This is a kind of compilation album of Jackie McLean on Prestige, THE UNISSUED SESSIONS of McLean on Prestige.

Amazingly all the tracks are really great and all of these sessions were recorded in the 50's. To tell the truth, there is no new approach and dynamism you would notice on Blue Note recordings in the 60's but still, McLean plays a real hard bop.

Further more, I love this reissue, Victor Music Japan SMJ Series.
One of the legendary Jazz crirics in Japan called, Yozo Iwanami wrote this liner note on this and he picked up an interesting episode.

McLean used to be loved by some of the Jazz Giants like Charlie Parker, Bud Powell and Miles Davis to name a few.
McLean used to accompany Bud Powell whereever he would go because Powell always lost directions. McLean was a body guard of Powell. 

Charlie Parker at that time was known for borrowing money and never returning it. But there was an exception. the exception was McLean. When McLean met Parker, he used to grab the money (the money he lent to Parker) from his pocket. Parker never got angry or did anything but laugh. Parker loved and took McLean as his own brother.

Anyway, I love this kind of srtory! What about you?

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