Talking About Grant Green Blue Note Unissued Master Series by King Record

Grant Green I believe is the most popular musician in the Blue Note Unissued Master Series by King Record.

In the series, there are 6 titles by Grant Green which I think is extraordinary...he is the only one who has that many titles in the series.
Grant Green Matador GXF and GXK
Grant Green Gooden's Corner GXF and GXK
Grant Green Oleo GXF and GXK
Grant Green Remembering GXF and GXK
Grant Green Nigeria GXK
Grant Green Solid GXK
All of these titles nowadays are really scarce and the prices might go up really high especially with OBI and good condition.

Grant Green was really popular in the 70's and 80's here in Japan that is why King Record made a great effort to uncover these unknnown sessions at that time.

Sarcastically, during those days, I don't think Grant Green was popular outside of Japan. But what happned then?
He is one of the most popular jazz musicians!

Talking about Nigeria, I always wonder why King Record put that title...wherever you try to find a connection at all...
no songs called Nigeria in the album, no background that sngs or Grant Green himsels connected with Nigeria...


Let me know if you know the reason!

Anyway, all of these 6 albums are great and again, I always wonder why these great sessions were never released by Blue Note at the time of recordings!!

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