What a Reissue! Scott Lafaro The Legendary Audio Fidelity by Teichiku Japan

Scott Lafaro is a legendary Jazz bassist and known for playng for Bill Evans at his peak. I still remember when I first listend to his play on Bill Evans albums like Waltz for Debby, Portrait in Jazz and the rest with awe. I was just blown away.

BUT...his own album like this
Scott Lafaro The Legendary on Audio Fidelity
is not known among the Jazz collectors. As you may have known, this album is the same as Pat Moran's Album on the same Audio Fidelity,
Pat Moran This is Pat Moran on Audio Fidelity
Both have very few reissues available.
As far as I know, the Japanese cmpany, Teichiku Japan is the only company reissuing this Scott lafaro The Legendary in the mid 70's. They did a great job! Even with Pat Moran, there are 2 Japanese company reissuing this title, Teichiku Japan and Century Record Japan.

I tell you, this album is really great. Simple Piano Trio album but Lafaro's bass is really distinct and puts a strong flavor.

This Teishiku reissue is becoming hard to come by nowadays, so I do recommend you to give it a shot whenever you find it on the market.

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