Sound Comparison Lee Morgan Candy King Record GXK and King Record Premium reissues, Do they sound different?

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I made the 2nd experiment, sound comparison of Lee Morgan Candy, between King Record GXK and King Record Premium.

I already talked about the premium reissues by King Record in the late 70's saying that that series is one of the most underrated Blue Note reissues.

I still believe that the sound quality of this premium series is really good.
How do you compare yourself?

In the brochure that they made at that time, they were boasting saying that 
This is the art and masterpiece of Blue Note reissues.
I think even now, feel that this is true! no exaggerating.
I sometimes feel that the sound quality is the same as RVG...

But the myth remains.

What kind of master tape they used? or mastering process?
You never know...I searched on the Internet to find a clue in where to be found.
After all, maybe, it doesn't matter since we can listen to the superb sound! That is the truth.

And again, whoever did, I salute those engineers and people involved in making these superb reissues!

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  1. Sounded pretty good to me too…..whilst I don’t have the 2 King records to compare, I do have some of the standard GXK/F and the odd premium so will dig out and do some listening comparisons. Thanks for the information too – I didn’t realise that the King records were premium re-issues when they had non GXK/F labelling.

    1. Tom, thanks for your comment! Yeah sure, you should compare them. GXF/Ks are also good but those premium ones are really superb. And…not many collectors outside of Japan know about them!

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