Complete sound comparison of Blue Note Reissues in Japan!

In the video I was saying King Record GXF series was in the late 90's. But it should have been in the late 70's!! Sorry...

I did a kind of interesting experiment.

To compare the sound of Blue Note Reissues in Japan
I did explain about the history and maybe, how the sound is different from each other. But surely, you never know unless you actually listen to them right?

So, that is what I did this time. I hope you enjoyed listening to those audio samples! and heard how they sound different.

I also want to point out that back in those days, 70's, 80's and 90's (maybe in the 90's, they were able to get much better master), the master tapes they were able to get were not the original for sure, it was said that maybe 3rd or 4th generation copy from the US (there is no exact evidence but some collectors claimed that). So, I assume that the engineers at that time did try their best to restore the sound of RVG from the imperfect master. I do salute them!

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  1. I always wondered if japan releases were made from the original master tape and i thank you for making me know they were not. I have a few originals and many Japanese releases both King and Toshiba and also some us releases made from original master tapes back in the nineties such as the connoisseur series and I tell you very honestly I prefer japan releases than the nineties ones. Of course original rvg copies are stunning but I think Japanese are really really worth it. Salute to japan engineers!
    Thanks Takashi, i am really enjoying your new site. Keep on!
    Regards from Italy.

    1. Giovanni
      Thank you so much for your great comment!
      I believe the master tapes really matter since they are the source of the sound actually. But like movies made different by producers, the sound also would be made different with sound engineers. In that regard, those technicians from Toshiba and King did a great job really without the 1st grade master. In addition, the pressing quality of those Japanese reissues is amazingly superb. I really salute them for the professionalism they applied!

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