Did You Know The Last Jazz LP Series by King Record?

I believe this is a unique Jazz reissue and not known series by King Record,
The Last Jazz LP Series
King Record picked up mainly Savoy and its related labels like Regent and so on.
There are Part 1 up to Part 9!! and in each Part, there are 10 albums reissued. These reissued titles were released from 1991 to 1992 in Japan.

It is funny that that is already the time CD era came and analog vinyl records were not selling good. But still, they used their own engineers to master and cut these great albums. Only pressing was done at Toyo Kasei Japan.

Man..I tell you...amazingly, the pressing quality as well as the sound quality are really superb!! They didn't use any digital process at all too!

I really salute those engineers at King and Toyo Kasei! Great job done in the middle of digital wave!!

Here is one sample, Sahib Shihab Jazz We Heard Last Summer on Savoy.
Look at this OBI. Really classic, Red OBI with fancy fonts!
They also restored the original Savoy Maroon Label in detail!! What a quality!!

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