Not Known Underrated Unissued Sessions of Hank Mobley by Toshiba EMI

**In the video, I was talking about BLP 1570, but I atually was talking about BLP 1560 instead of BLP 1570. Sorry...**
If you look at this jacket design, you notice and think that this is Hank Mobley Sextet BLP 1560, right?
But, it is not...This is the Toshiba EMI release of Hank Mobley's Unknown, Unissued Sessions compiled for the 1st time in the world!! The sessions they picked up here were recorded in between 1957 and 1958, BLP 1568 to 1574 Peckin' Time.

Golden Era of Hank Mobley!!

The serial Toshiba put is 61006 (the actual serial on the label is BNJ 61006).
This BNJ 61006 is one of the titles in the series called,
The Other Side of Blue Note 1500
Toshiba EMI did a kind of same approach King Record did in the late 70's up to early 80s. - The Legendary Blue Note Unissued Master Series. They picked up mostly unissued sessions of Blue Note 1500 series and compiled them into indivisual albums. Michael Cascuna (one of the legendary jazz critics) helped Toshiba to uncover those unknown sessions.
In this BNJ 61006, the featured sessions are quintet with Mobley himself, Sonny Clark on piano, Kenny Dorham on trumpet, George Joyner on bass, and Art Taylor on drums.
Great members!!

Another interesting thing about this album is that all the sessions are STEREO, not MONO. Toshiba EMI was able to acquire STEREO master and issued it as STEREO, interesting right? They also did the same with BLP 1568 reissue with STEREO for the 1st time in the world in the mid 80's. 

As you know, Rudy Van Gelder during that time started reording Blue Note sessions with STEREO and MONO at the same time. But until Toshiba EMI released these unknown sessions and BLP 1568 sessions in STEREO, all of us didn't know that STEREO masters were there. Toshiba did a great job to uncover that, really...

As I said in the video above, not many jazz collectors outside of Japan know this great BNJ 61006. In case you don't come across this album, it is better for you to dig it!

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